Truths and Misconceptions about Osteoporosis

What can I do to prevent complications?

Previous experiences in the treatment and new insights into the biology of bone have shown that the majority of wives on osteoporosis up on which the clinical practice has been based on are wrong or only partially correct and that despite the introduction of several different medications for osteoporosis problem is far from solved. Furthermore, it opens new issues and dilemmas. From those that classify osteoporosis as an “imaginary” disease, to those who deny the current clinical practice and suggest a substantial review of the clinical approach. The worst is that patients are more and more confused, as well as the physicians who should give them directions of what to do. Therefore, the program “4E” (E = Education; Effective exercise; Evaluation, Elective and individually chosen therapy) which offers Polyclinic K-center is especially important because it is simple and it gives significantly better results in the treatment.

What is important to know about osteoporosis?

1) Osteoporosis is caused by the loss of bone quality not by the loss of bone mass. It can occur without the loss in bone mass. The bone quality depends more on the internal architecture of bone and quality of the material, and less on the weight of the bones.

2) Osteoporosis is not only the second disease in menopausal women, but since the internal structure of the bone is constantly changing through the process of bone remodeling, there are a lot of different factors affecting the quality of the bone, and therefore can affect younger women and men.

3) Osteoporosis can lead to very serious consequences in terms of fractures and permanent disability. More women die due to complications caused by osteoporosis than from breast, uterine and ovarian cancers combined.

4) There is no cure for osteoporosis, nor a diagnostic method based on which we will determine the treatment. The choice of methods for treatment should be based on individual assessment issued by the doctor. Therefore, his experience and knowledge of the biology of bone is very important.

5) Complications caused by osteoporosis can be prevented by timely implementation of therapeutic measures which are usually simple and without side effects. The best way is the conduction of the “4e” program that includes education, targeted exercises, and individually selected therapy based on diagnostic evaluation, which in most cases is non-invasive and inexpensive.

Four useful tips

Istine-i-zablude-o-osteoporozi1. If you’re a woman and you have more than 45 years or a man with more than 55 years. If you have entered into early menopause. If you have any of the following diseases and conditions, regardless of gender and age:

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee, spine and hips and l perennial pain in bones and joints
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or other rheumatic disease
  • A chronic inflammatory disease such as chronic bowel, pancreas or liver disease.
  • A hormonal disorder or a metabolic disease (disease of the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary or adrenalin gland)
  • If you take drugs such as corticosteroids, antiepileptics or cytostatic
  • If you had kidney stones more than one time
  • If you have chronic kidney disease
  • If you have diabetes


Contact the Polyclinic K-center. It is the only osteological center in Croatia that conducts the ” BAR ” method. Team of experienced professionals led by Krpan will conduct an assessment of your bone status as well as the risk of complications after which they will be able to recommend an appropriate therapeutic measure.

Polyclinic K-center can perform all the necessary diagnostics and therapy methods including MBST – magnetic resonance therapy, the latest therapy method that stimulates the regeneration of cartilage and bone formation.

2. Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, and no matter how old you are, do the analysis of bio-mechanical balance, because this timely correction of imbalance prevents arthrosis and significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It will also relieve the pain in your back, neck, knees or if you are experiencing headaches. Polyclinic K-center can easily and quickly, based on the latest computer technology, do an analysis of the bio-mechanical balance and, if necessary, make the correction of the new generation of shoe insoles “New Step”. “New step” shoe insoles are patented in Israel; they are suitable for every shoe, flexible, thin and comfortable.

3. Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man and no matter how old you are, exercise regularly. The best exercise is the one that contains intermittent muscle contractions with controlled movements, as this sends signals to the bones as how to build internal bone architecture. The bone is remodeled every day and in ten years the entire skeleton is completely rebuilt. The internal structure of the bone consists of a network of partition walls that are falling down and rebuilding daily. Most important for the quality of the bone is a good layout of interior walls, just as the placement of the bearing walls is important for the stability of buildings. Therefore, bio-mechanical balance and constant stimulation with appropriate exercise are very important. The best form of exercise is “Tae do,” which is based on the Korean martial art – Taekwondo. In the clinic K-center, you can learn “Tae do” exercise every day at home.

4. Share these tips with everyone you care about. Timely investment in your bones will pay off multiple times. You will avoid severe complications such as pain, fractures, restricted mobility, dependence on others and severe disability. Remember, osteoporosis is a serious disease because of the serious complications that can occur insidiously, usually unpredictably. When complications occur treatment is difficult, expensive and generally does not achieve wanted results.
The worst thing that can happen is that someone is mentally clear, wants to live, but they are helpless and dependent on others. This is exactly what can happen as a consequence of osteoporosis.


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