SwingMed – Dynamic extension and mobilization of Spine

Spine diseases and conditions are one of the most common and widely spread health issues in modern civilization. Almost every person has experiences with some kind of back pain.

Such conditions are mostly present in middle aged persons, due to disc prolapse or protrusion and other chronic degenerative changes on the spine.

Until recently, modern medicine did not offer satisfying therapies or methods of dealing with such severe global medical conditions. Most common types of therapies included physical therapy, antireumatics and pain relief medications. This approach often failed in satisfying the patient needs and solving the cause of problems.  Neither did the surgical operations which by themselves bring certain risk and permanent consequences.

Because of this, Swingmed-dynamic extension and mobilization of spine which is a new and safe therapy method developed in Austria represents somewhat new approach since it gives better results with very few contraindications.

The concept relies on spine extension which reliefs the nerves in a far more physiological and efficient way. So far, the experiences of over 50 000 individual patients indicate that the pain reduces in up to 80% after just five treatments.

K-center polyclinic is proud to be the first medical institution in Croatia to have implemented SWINGMED therapy in its program which puts it in one of the leading positions as a clinic specialized in osteoarticular diseases.

Offering a complete and unique medical ‘’BAR’’ program developed in K-center, the new concept of treating skeletal diseases that now, among other high end quality treatments and our staff expertise, includes SWINGMED , offers our patients a chance to improve their own quality of life through solving the cause of disease and chronic condition.