Adria K-Cneter

It is our great pleasure to present to all our patients, professional and recreational athletes an outstanding program of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention in our recently opened facility Adria K-Center in Biograd.
At this location You can find one of the most comprehensive, in-depth program of treatment and rehabilitation of bone and joint diseases and muscle damage.
Center of health and medical tourism, loccated at Hotel Adria is a unique example of direct cooperation between the tourist industry and health care. It is the result of years of joint efforts of Adria Club Hotels, owner of Hotel Adria and Polyclinic K-center from Zagreb. The basis of the medical program will be the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculo skeletal diseases which are one of the major health problems of our civilization.
It is significant to point out the latest concept of treating these conditions, the “BAR” model which combines the most advanced methods for improving the bio-mechanics of the skeleton and the functional ability of the skeleton, such as isokinetic dynamometry and MBST-therapeutic nuclear magnetic resonance, the latest methods of regenerative medicine and the only one that is able to stimulate the regeneration of cartilage and bone formation.
Because of this unique medical program and beautiful surrounding sceneries, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has decided that It is the first accredited center in Europe for the preparation and rehabilitation of athletes for 128 countries that are members of the World Taekwondo Federation. All this suggests that the start of Adria K-center is not only important for Biograd and Zadar County, but also Croatia as a whole, because introducing new medical standards represents and opens new opportunities for the development of health and medical tourism.