Internist, endocrinologist and nephrologist, primarius, doctor of medical sciences, university professor and an associate of well-known medical institutions in the United States, France and Korea. He is one of the leading experts in the field of mineral metabolism, with extensive clinical and research experience in the treatment of osteoporosis, renal osteodystrophy, ie. osseous (bone) changes and deterioration in chronic renal (kidney) disease, Paget’s disease and other metabolic bone diseases. He was among the first in clinical practice to introduce a method of bone densitometry, now a standard diagnostic method for diagnosis of osteoporosis, as well as transiliac bone biopsy and bone histomorphometry procedures. With over 9,000 bone biopsies done, he is one of the leading world experts in the application of this method, which is considered the key to the differential diagnosis of metabolic bone diseases – often necessary for definitive diagnosis and the choice of treatment.

For the last ten years, Prof. Krpan has been dealing intensively with the impact of bio-mechanical factors on bones, forming the foundation for a unified system of exercise designed to improve bone health. The system of exercises is based on the principles of “Taekwondo” – Korean martial arts. The system was created as a synthesis of exhaustive experience in clinical and research work with bone diseases and knowledge of Taekwondo. Prof. Krpan is engaged with Taekwondo since childhood, as a master and a black belt holder of 7 DAN.

Honors and Awards
For his work he received several international awards including “Geosang” medal, the highest award of the Republic of Korea, for achievements in the promotion of Taekwondo in the world.

Expert and Scientific Work
He has published more than seventy expert and scientific papers, book chapters and a manual “Tae do” – exercises for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

Polyclinic K-center

“We are proud of our recognized working principles where patient is the center of focus, not the disease”

Polyclinic K-center was established with a goal of enabling all citizens premium health services in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, chronic heart disease, varicose veins and hemorrhoids), all in the same place by using the most advanced medical techniques along with a teamwork of experts with different specialties and thus filling the gaps in the health system.
Although chronic diseases make up for 80% of the total activity of the health system, in Croatia there are no specialized institutions dealing with this issue. It is common practice that patients find themselves going from one doctor to another, waiting in the corridors of hospitals, clinics and laboratories without finding the suitable answer to their troubles. This happens because hospitals are not structured or staffed well enough in order to deal with chronic diseases.

On the other hand, the progress of science and technology has led to the fact that medicine has branched to a large number of specialties, leaving family doctors unable to monitor all areas equally.

It is therefore necessary to provide specialist and consultation services through specialized centers such as K-center.

Even more so, chronic diseases require a continuous treatment. It is highly important that the patient is treated by the same doctor or medical team. Despite the fast development of modern technology and the introduction of new methods and drugs, modern medicine is still unable to cure most of diseases today.

The human body is too complex and it is quite clear that the vast majority of health problems cannot be solved by organ replacement or conventional drug use. That is why there is an expanding trend in prevention and regenerative medicine. In fact, the disease is only the last phase of tissue and organ damage that began long before the onset of disease symptoms. It is therefore necessary to protect the tissue during the first signs of damage and as soon as possible regenerate the damaged organ.

Polyclinic K-center is the first center in Croatia specialized in chronic bone and joint diseases. It uses the latest “integrated” concept of treatment based on personal characteristics of each individual patient and the teamwork of experienced professionals with different specialties. 

Because people are genetically different, they react differently to risk factors, diseases and to treatment. Therefore, in the case of chronic diseases, it is especially necessary to treat the patient and not a disease. This is also the best way to avoid unnecessary diagnostic tests and adverse effects of the long-term treatment, which is needed in the case of chronic diseases.

The Clinic is especially devoted to development of prevention programs such as the unique exercise program designed to strengthen the bones – “Tae do” and MBST (therapeutic nuclear magnetic resonance), which can regenerate tissue such as cartilage and bone, skin and soft tissues such as muscles and tendons.

We are proud of our recognized working principles where patient is the center of focus, not the disease. Examinations and treatments are planned according to the needs of each individual in a way that provides a complete and integrated health care with the aim to treat and prevent chronic diseases.

Feel free to come to the Polyclinic K-center with the question: ‘What should I be doing for my health?’

Team of experts will give you a clear answer, based on targeted diagnostics you can do immediately and all at one place. We will teach you how to implement preventive measures in order to preserve your health as well as apply the treatment if necessary.